Standard Electrical Rubber Matting

Size: 10m Long x 0.91m Wide x 6mm Thick
Sale price$649.00


  • EXP661 Electrical Rubber Matting Fine Ribbed to 11,000v is a high quality matting with the regulation standard, stamped on the reverse of the roll at 1000mm intervals.
  • Fully certified and tested to 11,000 volts with a recommended safety working voltage of 450v.
  • It has a fine ribbed, anti-slip surface pattern on one side and a cloth impression finish on the reverse.
  • Fully tested to specification electrical rubber matting
  • Health & Safety regulation material 
  • Fully traceable supply 
  • Regulatory branding on reverse every 1000mm
  • Ensures safety for operatives at lower voltage switchboard and high equipment atreas
  • Anti-slip finish electrical rubber matting
  • Low maintenance

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