Broad Ribbed Rubber Kennel Flooring

Size: 10m x 1.0m x 4.5mm Black
Sale price$457.00


    • Rubber Kennel Flooring plays a large part in the image of a pet care center. The more popular centers use our quality rubber flooring for the maximum comfort of their furry guests.
    • Centers with cement floors don't have the same professional and warm look as centers with a quality rubber kennel floor. Pet owners notice the difference.
    • Designed with every dog owner in mind for use in kennels, dog runs, or areas where pets play, this comfortable padded flooring is used by top trainers for dog agility practice centers and competitive arenas worldwide.
    • Kennel  rubber flooring provides a durable, resilient surface for dog play, agility practice or competition while allowing easy clean up for accidents.
    • Anti-fatigue qualities reduce the amount of stress on the dog's joints, back and muscles as well as protecting the joints of the people playing or working with them.


    • Smart, Attractive Pattern Kennel Flooring
    • Heavy Duty, Hard - wearing & durable rubber
    • Clean, sheen finish
    • Slip resistant directional ribbed surface
    • Impression finish anti-creep reverse
    • Good floor to foot cold insulation properties

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