The sunlight shines through the window showering the sprightly, golden beams of light. Sleep pulls me back towards itself before a fresh image can perforate the brain. I have the opportunity to attain more than I did yesterday if I break this verge of sleep. Shortly after the flamboyant heat waves have started to warm the atmosphere there is an intrusive sound like a whistle, and my mom jumps out of the bed as fast as she can. It’s the milkman and if she isn’t fast enough there will be a long queue ahead. However after a short while I realise that this morning will go per the normal schedule as I hear the inspiriting sound of clattering pots and smell the grain simmered milk.

Sun outside is scattering its radiance, the clouds are slightly tinctured and the colours of exuberance are spreading all across the sky declaring the beginning of a new day. It is a Sunday morning and like always we spend the day at the local playground. Even though the sun is out, the breeze was slightly cold and I could feel the chilled air as it was striking my body while I was sitting on the swing. The younger kids are enjoying the play horses, slides and other play equipment, while their parents are keeping an eye on them. The crashing noise of dogs playing and barking as they are running after each other is virtually engulfing the screams of babies whose parents are too busy taking to each other.


Considering the over sensitive parents, playground has now installed playground safety tiles as accidents and injuries are quite common in such an environment. Unlevelled surfaces, long slides and jumping areas can all be risky and hazardous if the child is left neglected. These cushioned, soft playground mats safeguard the children even when they are alone as they are designed to provide fall protection, minimising the harmful outcomes of any accidents. These efficient playground mats are capable of maintaining a logical equilibrium in between enjoyment and safety. The surface of these rubber tiles is resistant to all sorts of weather conditions enabling them to tolerate the harsh circumstances. Above all the other features, these mats are clean and dirt free so that children will not be going home with hands coated in mud or sand. It essential to provide children with protection rather than restricting them from playing outside as it can have a significant impact upon their development and growth.