In the fainted lighting of the industrial workshop nothing apart from the giant machineries stumbled across my first gaze. There wasn’t much activity or smell of any sort. There were lights but they appeared more like gleaming starts in the sky, hardly contributing to lift the darkness. Although I was on the inside of the building, it felt more like being in a high-tech cave, as big as a football pitch with a metallic ceiling. This abandoned workshop was chilly and was as silent as a morgue where every single sound echoed. Even the largest machines which were once capable of deafness were standing quietly. Everything was coated in a thin layer of dust. Some of the tools and broken parts of the machines were carelessly left on the floor. There were huge windows all across exhibiting the sight of city. Maybe the workers here were always too busy to notice the brilliant view outside.

I felt burdened just by the thought of renovating and redesigning this workshop. But with some careful planning and a thoughtful selection of materials and equipment, I made it possible. Today if you look at it everything seems effortless and prudently fallen into place. The well-constructed interior is indeed commendable. Safety and security is extremely crucial when it comes to an industrial environment that is always crowded and packed, which is partly why I installed industrial rubber flooring. With a guaranteed high degree of friction and grip, these industrial mats were more of a necessity for this place. Compared to other stiff flooring materials like wood and concrete, using rubber provided a much more cushioned surface, hence minimising the odds of injuries and bruises.




The workshop mats provided damage resistance to all the valuable industrial equipment, saving time being wasted in the impractical replacements and repairs. These rubber mats enabled the flooring surface to be easily cleaned and the anti-slip nature provided a protective shielding against tripping and slipping. As usually the industrial work involves standing constantly for long periods of time which can be quite strenuous and tiring for the joints and muscles, the anti-fatigue characteristics of these rubber sheets assisted in the maintenance of a productive and flourishing environment. The shock absorbent features prevented the pressure to bounce back at the person’s body. The stable and hard wearing rubber used in the manufacture of these mats was designed to retain shape even under an immense pressure and force, providing a longer lasting durability and strength. Since the installation of these rubber mats, the factory’s production has been tremendous which never made me regret my purchase.